A gallery of paintings and drawings by Peregrine Roskilly

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Cambridgeshire  artist  Peregrine Roskilly graduated in illustration and graphic design from Twickenham College of Technology, now called Richmond Art College.

I had a long and successful career in advertising and was employed and worked freelance as a 'Storyboard Artist'. I was employed for fifteen years at Abbott Mead Vickers where the Creative Director, David Abbott was a patron of The Royal Ballet, he invited me to design and illustrate The Royal Ballet School Annual Report. This was a delight and to illustrate I made drawings at Covent Garden and at The Royal Ballet School. I soon had a compulsion to draw and draw and draw ballet and contemporary dance.

Delighted at how fast I could draw the human body in movement I was drawn to Exotic Dance and spent many happy years drawing striptease in East London pubs. I gave the girls drawings of themselves and sold other drawings to customers in the pubs.

Described as “powerful and challenging” they are inspired by both the exotic and ordinary characters who take part in the World Naked Bike Rides. These annual events take place in London, which attracts around 1000 cyclists,  as well as other UK and world cities.

I  paint expressively from imagination rooted in a grounding of drawing dancers in motion. Some World Naked Bike Ride participants dress in carnival style, giving  decorative and mythical characters a surreal meeting with London landmarks. I keep finding new ways to express this, from naturalistic representation in a reportage manner, to playing with perspective and alluding to classical and modern references in a way that requires the observer to suspend disbelief.

Ten years ago, Peregrine Roskilly became known for his rapid life drawings of ballet dancers and strippers and was featrured on several TV programmes from Richard & Judy Sky One and Men and Motorsand Live TV.

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